FICA. Where disputes have arisen provides administration services for their resolution.



FICA. Has accreditation from the WTO, the ITC and UNCITRAL.



FICA. Offers multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional experience.

Expert Determination

FICA has been asked to provide names of persons who offer their services as experts for the purpose of expert determination.


Iain Aitchison, Architect, Arbitrator, Mediator, Munich, Germany

Alan Anderson,  Commercial litigation, Minneapolis, USA

Ben Beaumont, Arbitration, Construction, Security Interests, UK

Ahmed Mohammed Benbarka, Procurement Specialist, Chemist, Tunisia

James Daniels, Oil & Gas: Drilling and Development, UK

Constantin Eschlböck FCIArb, MDBF, CEFA, Arbitration, Vienna

S. Clive Freedman FCIArb, FBCS, Information Technology, UK

Emerson Holmes, Construction, Procurement, Insolvency, London, UK

Carol Ludington, CPA, CFF, CLP, ACIARB, Damages, USA

Henry Musonda, Civil Engineer, Zambia

Piotr Nowaczyk, Chartered Arbitrator (CIArb), Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Dr. Ergun Özsunay, Security Interests; e-Commerce, CISG, Turkey

Edward Quigg, Procurement, Civil Engineering, Northern Ireland (UK)

James M. Rhodes, Securities Interests, International Investment, New York, USA

Robert Rhodes Q.C., Finance, company, tax and fraud, UK

Harry C. Sigman, Securities Interests, International Investment, Los Angeles, USA

Sir David Steel, Shipping, Insurance, Areospace, Oil & Gas, Commodities, Banking, Disaster Investigation, White-collar Crime, Arbitration

Don Wallace, Jr., Private International Law, Security Interests, Washington DC, USA

Professor Dr Wolfgang Wiegand, Swiss and German Law, Bern, Switzerland